J. Goodwin
March 1, 1990
There was once a time, when I felt all alone
I was a whole lot younger then, but felt somehow I'd grown
I did some foolish things, I didn't take too serious
But as I stroll through life, I see how things have changed
I was wandering down a country road, searching for a clue
When an image appeared; it was an image of you
I rubbed my eyes in disbelief, and tried to turn away
But when I turned to run, something told me to stay

Everyone is wondering the purpose to their life
As we wander down the country roads in life
When we come to crossroads and wonder what to do
I wouldn't make it through it all
Without this image of you

Now I have aged a while, and it's not any easier
To see the road ahead, and not take the wrong direction
So extend to me your hand, and lead me through this maze
All the while I'll keep alive, this image of you.

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