J. Goodwin
September 2, 2015
She's been pushed to the limit
She's growing tired of the same old grind
Going to choose a new direction
And see what fortune she can find oo-oh-oh

It might seem a little reckless
To bravely face a new frontier
She's given more than she's gotten
Is it time to just move on? oo-oh-oh

Border Crossing oh-oh-oh
Border Crossing oh-oh-oh

A new resolve has been uncovered
An ounce of hope and a pound of dreams
A new life up for the taking
Just across the border line oo-oh-oh

So, here she stands at the crossroads
Uncertain future or a broken life
She looked inside and found the answer
Take the next step and don't think twice oo-oh-oh

Border Crossing oh-oh-oh
Border Crossing oh-oh-oh.

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