J. Goodwin
April 9, 1990
He's a dog in the manger
And what he says is final
He is not arguing
He is telling you
Don't believe his dogma
He is blind, he cannot see
That he's killing our world with greed for things
He doesn't even need

Well no one alone can change the world
At least not over night
But the Dogma in the Manger
Must be made to see the light
The trees, the animals, the lakes and oceans
Are being victimized
It's time to do what you can to stop it
Dogma, open up your eyes

The factories and the corporations
Do they care what they've done?
Mining and refining companies
You know it cannot be undone
The atmosphere is growing thin
And pollution is in the air
Won't you stand up now and tell me
Tell me if you really care.

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