J. Goodwin
September 21, 1985
When you're caught between the shadow of a doubt
And the shadow lurking in the forest of your lives
The forest you can't see for the many, many trees
As the animals cry in hidden silence

Your life is not over, 'til you've thrown your final stone
Into the water passing by
Everything living, will one day surely die
The animals cry

When your life becomes a rock garden by the sea
And the seagulls fly so high and free
Your arm moves like a missile toward an innocent town
And a dead bird now lies upon the ground

An image of a child lying frozen to the ground
In a reoccurring and endless dream
A distant scream from something, something never seen
The animals cry

Waiting for your dreams, you are set up for a fall
Into the water passing by
The secrets that you hide will be kept if you confide
Within the animals cry.

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