J. Goodwin
September 15, 1990
Recall the innocence of childhood
When life was simple and carefree
Don't you wish you could go back to that feeling of security
And run from the struggle of life
I remember when we were growing up
And the things you said to me
You said, don't you wish we were older now?
We didn't know what that would mean

Years ago we had time to waste and games to play
With a little age we wanted to destroy
Never thought about the future, or the roles we'd have to play
The things that seemed so big seem now so small
So many things we still had to discover
When you look back it really does amaze
I take the struggle a lot more seriously
Now that adolescence is far behind

There was a time when we were young and happy
Now we just feel old and crabby
Lord, it's the struggle of life
We carry on with no rhyme or reason
Fight our way through another season
Lord, it's the struggle of life

Now that we're older we just don't have the time
There's never enough hours in the day
Never have enough money, no matter what you earn
The bills keep getting harder to pay
Now the struggle of life carries on
We'll never be carefree again
They tell us we must act responsibly
As the security of childhood disappears.

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