J. Goodwin
January 16, 1997
So many things she said
No doubt you were misled
All the while it's slipping through your hands
You took her on the town
You think that she might go down
But all the while it's slipping through your hands

Through her hands you can see what's on her mind
The way she moves is speaking volumes so you find
You might think you've got it. That's when she drops the other shoe
Now watch it slipping slowly through your hands

Another friend of mine
Said she knew it all the time
But she just let it slip right through her hands
She's messing with your head
You remember those words she said
But what's in store is out of your hands

Reach out for the ring
and try to hold it tight
Don't let it slip through right your hands
She's reaching out for you
And now it's up to you
To keep this heart from slipping through your hands.

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